SPPMDebate Team Makes two Consecutive Wins into The Semi-finals

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   The third stage of the UCAS Debate Competition started at 1.30pm on Sunday this week, in which The School of Public Policy and Management,and the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering competes for the precious entrance ticket to the semi-finals. Both sides presented a wonderful game together through enumeration of detailed data and use of rigorous logic to demonstrate whether the world's cultural heritage should be commercialized.


The fierce Competition ended with the best debater falling on the second counterclaimdebater and SPPM debate team making its way to the semi-fianls with a consecutive win. That the God rewards the diligent is the best summary of this debate. Whether won or lost, each debater had gained his or her own unique growth and memory. Having stumbled along the trail of the past, SPPM debate team will carry on.