What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger——UCAS Badminton game

  • 供稿人:赵彦飞
  • 发布者: 陈晶睿
  • 作者: SPPM
  • Created: 2016-11-09
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        On November 5, 2016, the UCAS badminton game was held in the Eastern Gymnasium ofYanqi Lake Campus, in wich 11 athletes of SPPM took part under the leadership of commissary in charge of sports, Zhao yanfei. Albeit game lost, the presence, applause and cheer of nearly half of students in SPPM demonstrate the friendship and cohesion in the family of SPPM.

        The whole group match lasted one day and everyone had fun. The physical exercise no only functioned as a supplement to the busy academic life, but also strengthened the friendship and enhanced the cohesion among students from different classes. A little Regretful may be, every participant enjoyed the process. After all, What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger !