The 2017 Summer Camp Invitation

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School of Public Policy and Management, UCAS

 Institute of Science and Development, CAS


     The 2017 Summer Camp of Policy and Management for Excellent Students will be held by the School of Public and Management, UCAS and the Institute of Science and Development, CAS in Beijing this summer. The Camp is aimed at introducing and reinforcing the understanding of such disciplines in UCAS as public administration, management science and engineering, innovation management, technology economy and management, population, resources and environment economics, and philosophy of science and technology, etc.. Besides that, and more importantly, it serves to excavate the prospective graduate students for further study in these fields.

       The School of Public and Management (SPPM), UCAS was co-founded by the Institute of Science and Development, CAS and other institutes. The SPPM has been entitled to the doctor program of management science and engineering and some master program of such disciplines as public administration, law, technology economy and management, population, resources and environment economics, and philosophy of science and technology etc.. It excels in fields like the national and regional development strategies, innovation development and reform policy, strategy and management of science and technology, financial risks management, big data mining, sustainable development policy and management, strategic management of resources, public administration, intellectual property management, innovation methodology, law, etc..

       The SPPM and ISD have a well-developed international network of research and education, including Chinese Association for Science of Science and S&T policy, Chinese Society of Optimization, Overall Planning and Economical Mathematics, Chinese Association of Development Strategy Studies, China Hi-tech Industry Promotion Society and some core journals like Studies in Science of Science, Science Research Management, and Chinese Journal of Management Science. What's more, the SPPM has signed cooperation agreements with some famous research organizations from USA, UK, German, Japan, South Korea, etc. These have made solid foundations for academic exchange and cooperation for SPPM.

       The SPPM and ISD are committed to becoming an excellent organization for education, research and think tank and a platform for cultivating experts, talents and practitioners in public policy and management.

       Students admitted are entitled to scholarship for attending international academic conferences, academic activities and lectures to broaden their horizons. And we have many facilities with over 100 research institutes and libraries for study.

       The camp will be open from July 9 to 13, 2017 as planned in Beijing (in case of changes, here would be a further notice). Then, students will have the opportunity of having a face-to-face communication and discussion with professors and researchers, experiencing the academic atmosphere in UCAS. And more importantly, those who are more excellent would be qualified for applying for the master program of the SPPM and ISD.


  1. Loyal to the Communist Party of China

  2. Abide by the laws and social morals

  3. College junior students in management science and engineering, economics, management, computer information system, law, public administration, intellectual property majors, or the related majors;

    Or students with better capacity in mathematics and strong interest in public administration.

  4. To 20% in overall GPA rating of the department or other qualified characteristics.

  5. Excellent in English

  6. Good mental and physical health

  • Application Procedures

1. Personal information needed

Register and sign up for the camp in

2. Qualification examination

We will exam all the candidates’ information by 23 June. And those qualified will be selected.

3. Information feedback

The qualified students wanting to attend the Camp should confirm the notice whether to attend the Camp or not by 28 June.

  • Application Materials

  1. Application form of the 2016 Summer Camp (see the enclosed)

  2. Undergraduate transcript

  3. Certificate of CET4, CET6 or any other language qualification certificates

  4. One copy of the honor certificates


Please arrange these materials orderly as above and mail them to :


Zip code :10049

Linkman : 许崇 老师



  • Expense

    The University of Chinese Academy of Science will cover some fees of the transportation (hard seat ticket of the train or long distance bus fee; the second class ticket of the express train); and

    Free accommodation and meals will also be offered.


  • Agenda:





All day

Campers register

At Evening

A meeting for all members



Opening Ceremony


Meeting with professors form the SPPM


Meeting with senior students



Meeting with professors form the ISD


Visit to the information center and automation institute


Two academic lectures



Visit the Huairou Campus and the Memorial Hall of “Two missiles and one satellite”


Visit the CAS Huairou industrial park


Preparing for the interview



Interview examination


Interview examination


Closing party