The 2016 Teaching Seminar Held Sucessfully

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 On July 14, 2016 the 2016 Teaching Seminar of the School of Public Policy and Management (SPPM) was held in Yuquan Road affiliated district of UCAS. Fang Xin, the dean of the SPPM, presided the seminar and 33 teachers, including professor Mu Rongping, Huo Guoqing, Chen Jianming from different schools attended this seminar. And we had an honored guest Zhang Yuanxun, the director of the education administration of UCAS.


院长方新研究员致辞Prof. Fang Xin

Firstly, Fang Xin, Dean of SPPM, pointed out the main purposes of the seminar: the SPPM has made some progress in teaching and enrolling students and she hoped that through this seminar we can share our teaching experiences and turn personal knowledge into collective one and then achieve better performance in the days to come. She also said that with the higher education achieving much more progress, we need to figure out a full-fledged plan for developing SPPM and building our teaching faculty.


教务部部长张元勋张元勋介绍国科大研究生教学与培养工作Prof. Zhang Yuanxun

Zhang Yuanxun, Dean of Teaching Affairs Office, introduced the layout of teaching affairs of UCAS.Professor Ye Zhonghua (Vice dean of SPPM) introduced and summarized the SPPM’s teaching performance via our 2015-2016 curriculum plan and curriculum evaluation. We have conducted four curriculum accreditations to guarantee the quality of our teaching performance. Judging from the results of the curriculum evaluation, our teaching faculty has committed themselves to their posts and received good feedback of the students.


副院长叶中华教授发言Prof. Ye Zhonghua

Four teacher representatives respectively reported teaching experience, difficulties encountered, curriculum plan and its improvement. They are professor Mu Rongping from the Department of the Innovation Development Policy, professor Huo Guoqing from the Department of the Science and Technology Management, researcher Chen Shaofeng from the Department of the Sustainable Development Policy and Management, and associate professor Tang Suqin from the Department of the Law and Intellectual Property.

常务副院长穆荣平研究员发言Prof. Mu Rongping

        Chen Jianming introduced the current situation of enrolling and cultivating students. Then, researchers including Zhang Linxiu, Wang Fuliang, Wen Ke, Zhou Jianzhong, Chi Hong, Li Jianping, Luo Xianjue, Li Zhenzhen, Duan Yibin, etc. exchanged their experiences, problems and insights about the improvement of the teaching plan during their teaching process.


Prof. Chen Jianming

Finally, Mu Rongping (vice Dean of SPPM), summarized that as a newly-established school, the most important issue now is curriculum system construction which needs to take into considerations our original development scheme, regulations and development vision. Then, we should compile textbooks and teaching materials from our class and better them to good quality. Finally, during our teaching process, we should frequently consider how to improve our teaching performance and explore personalized teaching methods.


副院长霍国庆教授讲话发言Prof. Huo Guoqing

陈邵峰研究员发言Prof. Chen Shaofeng

唐素琴副教授发言Assoc. Prof. Tang Suqin


Prof. Zhang Linxiu

王富良研究员发言Prof. Wang Fuliang

温珂研究员发言Prof. Wen Ke

周建中研究员发言Prof. Zhou Jianzhong

池宏研究员发言Prof. Chi Hong

李建平研究员发言Prof. Li Jianping

罗先觉副教授发言Assoc. Prof. Luo Xianjue

李真真研究员发言Prof. Li Zhenzhen

段异兵研究员发言Prof. Duan Yibing