Chinese Association of Development Strategy Studies:Green Development Forum Successfully Held

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  • Created: 2016-05-23
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    On May 21 and 22, Green Development Forum was held successfully in the Academic Auditorium of CAS. The forum was mainly hosted by the Chinese Association of Development Strategies Studies with other associations or institutes. The theme is “Building Ecological Civilization and Propelling Green Development”. And about 300 experts, members of the association and representatives from the governmental agencies, academic and business fields attended to discuss their insights about ecological civilization building and green development and share their knowledge of successful pattern of green development.     


    The forum includes four keynote speeches by for experts and four salons pertaining to different topics. The followings are the abstracts of the four keynote speeches. Wang Yi (a member of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, vice director of the Institutes of Science and development, CAS and vice president of the Chinese Association of Development Strategies Studies) introduced the evolution process of the concept of ecological civilization in China and interpreted the connotation of ecological civilization construction according to the requirement of the Nation’s 13th five-year plan. He also discussed the possible ways to construct ecological civilization and its prior fields. 

    Researcher Wang Jinnan, vice director of the Planning Institute of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, analyzed how to set the criteria for the air quality of the Nation’s 13th five-year plan and its goals’ zoning and mechanisms for achieving these goals.Then, Wang Yuesi, a researcher from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, CAS, delivered a speech about the distribution of air quality around the cities and some key regions in China and its change characteristics and also some measures to improve the air quality. Finally, Zheng Hua (a researcher from the Research Center for Eco-Enviroment Sciences, CAS) presented the gains and losses of the ecological system in our country with many figures and data and assessed how eco-system protection and building would help improve the environment.         

    These four experts have original ideas and thought-provoking insights which would help us both with theoretical innovation and think tank building.