Post-doctor qualification review meeting held in SPPM

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  • Created: 2016-11-18
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School of Public Policy and Management(SPPM) held the post-doctor qualification review meeting on Nov.17, 2016. There are three candidates attending this meeting: Dr. Yinzheng Chen, Dr. Guixia Wang, and Dr. Yuanyuan Li. The academic committee members are Prof. Xiaoxuan Li, Prof. Jiasu Lei, Prof. Lanxiang Zhao, Prof. Jiang Yu, and Prof. Haiyan Wang. The meeting aims at evaluating the qualification of the three candidates.

The academic committee members commented and discussed with candidates after listening their presentations. They focused on the topics such as the in-depth meaning of their research, current background, research methodology, technical routes and the economic and social influence. Every committee member made useful and inspiring suggestions on how to refine their postdoctoral reports in the future.

Finally, all five committee members agreedthat Dr. Yinzheng Chen and Dr. GuixiaWang havenicely completed theirpostdoctoral outbound reports. Meanwhile, they also approved Dr. Yuanyuan Lis postdoctoral proposal.