Dr. Zhang Gupeng attended the 2016 PICMET Conference

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        Dr. Zhang Gupeng attended the 2016 PICMET Conference held by Portland International Center for Management of Engineering and Technology in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Thetheme of the 2016 PICMET is “Technology Management for Social Innovation”. Experts fromBilkent University, University of Virginia, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Hitachi Ltd, Georgia Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology presented their keynote speeches and shared their preciousideas.PICMET provides a chance to disclose the recent enhancements about Technology, Engineering, Management and Technology Management at this imperative Conference.

        Dr. Zhang Gupengmakes the presentation entitled “Is a Stable and Connective Network Important to Innovation”, which examines the moderate role of network connectivity with the patent co-inventing data of top 9 ICT firms with the highest patent application in China and establishes the co-inventing network. The network connectivity is measured by classifyingthe individuals into two cohorts: inventors in the largest connected component and inventors in other isolatedcomponents. The network stability and innovation output demonstrate strong positive interaction, which issignificant in not only the largest but also other isolated components. The clustering and centrality demonstratesignificant effect on network stability and innovation output in the largest connected component, which is generallythe same as that of extant studies. This impact is not significant in the other isolated components, which confirmsthe moderate role of network connectivity, i.e., fully connected networks constitute the basis for the networkstructure to be functioning. However, the significantly positive role of the structural hole is not moderated by thenetwork connectivity.



Dr. Zhang Gupeng & DundarKocaoglu

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