China Sustainable Development Report 2015: Reshaping the Governance for Sustainable Development

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  • Created: 2015-08-28
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The theme of the 2015 Report on the Sustainable Development of China is “Reconstruct Eco-environment Management System”. The report proposes the main goal, basic principles and overall framework of the eco-environment management system according to the challenges, opportunities and problems that we face. It also puts forward some insights in legal system, managerial system reform, corporate social responsibility, social management, etc. which has provides some reference on the National 13th Five-year Plan.

          The report evaluates the sustainability of areas after 1995 and the comprehensive performance of the resources and environment of China with some sustainability assessment indicators and indexes for evaluating the comprehensive performance of the resources and environment. Meanwhile, it has a strategic analysis on the resources performances of countries along the “one belt and one road”.